Focused on the Future

With the creation of Silverhorn, a plan was developed to ensure minimal impact on the natural environment. Collaborators decided against higher density and instead developed a forward thinking master plan balancing natural environment and luxury lifestyle. The peaceful and tranquil surroundings ensure the homes and properties will remain exclusive and maintain value over the long term.

Owl in the wild just northwest of Calgary
A moose in the wild near Bearspaw NW of Calgary


One of the primary goals of the developers of Silverhorn was to maintain as much natural open space as possible. More than 50% of the natural environment has been conserved, and will remain protected for years to come. With over 59 acres of preserved open space, the abundance of flora and fauna truly enhances an appreciation for nature.

Silverhorn achieves this impressive sustainable plan by considering every detail to ensure minimal harm to the environment. From the types of construction materials used to the location and development of pathways, Silverhorn has thought of it all.

The Health Benefits of Living in Nature

With an abundance of trees, rolling hills and meadows, living in Silverhorn benefits your overall health. Stress reduction, increased immune function are just some of the positive impacts being studied. In one study a leading expert in the benefits of natural green space, says the countryside and open areas boost recovery times after major surgery or major illness. Integrating nature into modern life is possible by choosing where we live. It is becoming a scarce privilege to live amongst nature.

People with access to natural settings have been found to be healthier overall.

Scientists are examining how exposure to natural areas result in improved brain function. It seems that our mind relaxes and working memory increases when exposed to nature. To learn more read more articles by reputable researchers

pond just outside of calgary
yellow flowers


80% of the wetlands have been retained in the area, which have an integral role in the nourishing of grasslands. In the Silverhorn community, these existing wetlands are used for stormwater management. Typical developments build large man made stormwater facilities that are harmful to the landscape. Instead Silverhorn uses these wetlands, with amended soil, to act as a natural filter and maintain the flow of water.

A variety of different species can be spotted in the area, since their habitat is undisturbed. No fences in the community allow wildlife to migrate freely, adding to the initiative of sustaining the environment.

Appreciating Natural Beauty

Silverhorn has taken steps to preserve area plants. A special grass mix containing grass species native to the area has been created for the lawns. The building envelope has been reduced in order to lessen the need for large manicured green spaces, which means less maintenance and more natural beauty. Since the grass is living in it’s natural habitat, less water is needed to maintain the homesite.

Silverhorn strives to keep as many trees as possible, but those that had to be removed were harvested and planted in areas with lower tree cover. You will truly appreciate the irreplaceable asset that mother nature has to offer.